HISTORY: Famine in India, no rain since 1659; Charles II sells Dunkirk to France for £400,000; Charles II grants charters to North Carolina and Rhode Island; Turks declare War on Holy Roman Empire; British annex New Netherlands from Connecticut to Delaware and rename New Amsterdam New York; British East India Company obtains control of Bombay; John Locke's constitution for Carolina approved; South Carolina founded; France occupies Lorraine.

ARTS: Louis XIV begins to build palace of Versailles; The Theatre Royal, Drury Lane, London, opens; Molière: "Le Tartuffe"; French horn becomes an orchestral instrument; Bernini finishes high altar, St. Peter's, Rome; Antonio Stradivari labels his first violin; Milton: "Paradise Lost" ; Last entry in Samuel Pepys' "Diary".

SCIENCE/GROWTH: Danish physician Nicolaus Steno teaches that the heart is a muscle; Colony of New Jersey founded; Isaac Newton experiments on gravitation, invents differential calculus; The Great Plague of London begins, killing 68,596; First cheddar cheese; Great Fire of London; Gobelin workshops established in Paris; French army uses hand grenades; Isaac Newton constructs reflecting telescope; Outbreak of cholera in China; English settlement in Charles Town (Charleston), South Carolina; First minute hands on watches.