HISTORY: Elector Frederick III of Brandenburg crowns himself King Frederick I of Prussia; War of Spanish Succession begins; Delaware separates from Pennsylvania and becomes colony; French and Indians massacre inhabitants of Deerfield; English take Gibraltar; Marlborough conquers Spanish Netherlands; Union between England and Scotland under name Great Britain; 14,000 inhabitants of the Palatinate emigrate to North America (c. 100,000 Germans will follow during next 100 years); British conquer Port Royal (Annapolis) in Acadia.

ARTS: Work begun on Buckingham Palace; J.S. Bach writes his first cantata; First issue of Steele's and Addison's: "The Tatler"; Invention of the pianoforte.

SCIENCE/GROWTH: University of Venice founded; "Captain" William Kidd hanged for piracy; Asiento Guinea Company founded for slave trade between Africa and America; Serfdom abolished in Denmark; Isaac Newton elected President of the Royal Society; Peter the Great lays foundations of St. Petersburg; Edmund Halley correctly predicts the return in 1758 of the comet seen in 1682; First evening paper, "The Evening Post," issued in London; English inventor Henry Mill constructs carriage springs; Japanese magnolias introduced into England; First Russian prisoners sent to Siberia; Porcelain factory at Meissen in Saxony founded.