HISTORY: Queen Anne of England dies; succeeded by Elector of Hanover, King George I; Marlborough reinstated; Tripoli becomes independent of Turkey; Louis XIV of France dies, succeeded by his great-grandson Louis XV; "South Sea Bubble," English speculation craze, bursts; Failure of John Law's Mississippi Company leads to French national bankruptcy; Tibet becomes China protectorate.

ARTS: Clarinet for first time in an orchestra; Vaudevilles, popular musical comedies, appear in Paris; Voltaire imprisoned in the Bastille; First serialization of novels in newspapers.

SCIENCE/GROWTH: Queen Anne establishes Ascot races; D.G. Fahrenheit constructs mercury thermometer with temperature scale; Inoculation against smallpox introduced in England; Founding of New Orleans by Mississippi Company; First cricket match; James Figg first boxing champion of England; First yacht club established at Cork Harbor, Ireland.