BIBLIOGRAPHY: 18th Century and Epilogue

1701 — Collegiate School

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1702 — Queen Anne's War bypasses Connecticut

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1708 — Saybrook Platform

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1717 — New Haven State House

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1717 — Collegiate School Yale — See 1701 above

1740 — Manufacture of tinware begun at Berlin by Edward and William Pattison

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1740s — Johnathan Edwards and the height of religious "Great Awakening"

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1745 — King George's War (French & Indian War), Connecticut troops, Roger Wolcott, Louisburg

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1755Connecticut Gazette of New Haven, the Colony's first newspaper, printed by James Parker at New Haven; Nathan Hale born in Coventry

1763 — Brick State House erected on the New Haven Green

1764 — Connecticut Courant, oldest American newspaper in continuous existence, Thomas Green

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1765 — Sharp opposition to Stamp Act

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1766 — Governor Thomas Fitch who refused to reject the Stamp Act defeated by William Pitkin

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1767 — Thomas and Samuel Green launch newspaper which becomes New Haven Journal-Courier.

1769 — Connecticut extends jurisdiction over Susquehanna Company area in Northern Pennsylvania

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1774 — The First Continental Congress; Silas Deane, Eliphalet Dyer, and Roger Sherman represent Connecticut

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1775 — Several thousand militia in the "Lexington Alarm". Connecticut men at Ft. Ticonderoga. First gun powder mill in Connecticut. Bunker Hill


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— Samuel Huntington, Roger Sherman, William Williams and Oliver Wolcott, The Declaration of Independence; Connecticut people under Governor Jonathan Trumbull support the Declaration.


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Trumbull, Jonathan, 1844–1919. Jonathan Trumbull, governor of Connecticut, 1769–1784; by his great-great-grandson, Johathan Trumbull. Boston, Little, Brown, and company, 1919. 362 p. illus. 23 cm. Bibliography: p. 341–346.

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Wills, Garry, 1934– Inventing America : Jefferson's Declaration of independence, New York : Vintage Books, [1979] 398 p. "The Declarations of Jefferson and of the Congress": p. Includes bibliographical references and index.

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